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What kind of blogging tools do you need to run a successful blog?

Some people are looking for the best WordPress blog tools. Whether you’re trying to grow your brand, boost your online presence, or encourage engagement from your audience, it’s important to have the resources necessary. Otherwise, it can be difficult to expand and improve as time goes on. But what exactly should these resources be? In this article we will compare 6 different blogging tools so that you can choose what works best for you!

Why Use Blogging Tools on Your WordPress Site?

Three main reasons why you need to be utilizing blog tools on your website:

1. Improve your online presence

This is one of the most important reasons for blogging. It’s essential to have a blog that reflects your brand and who you are as an individual, not just what products or services you offer. With good content on your site (and quality visuals), you will be able to boost user engagement. Your website will be more popular if you provide useful information and insight on it. It will be easy for them to return and continue taking action if you resolve a pain point or share knowledge.

2. Save Time

By simplifying the blogging process, blogging tools and resources save you time instead of performing every task manually. A blogging tool makes it easier to manage your content, whether you are editing it, creating graphics, or searching for relevant keywords.

It’s also beneficial to use a plugin that allows you to automatically publish your posts on different social media platforms at the same time. This way, you can share what you’ve created with an unlimited number of people without having to log in and post it manually every single time.

3. Gain a larger audience faster

One of the most crucial parts to any blog is the tools you use. Sure, it’s important that your posts are interesting and engaging. But without a good set of blogging tools on top – what’s even more valuable? How can you increase your site’s popularity among visitors? And how can we create content for our readers so they’re guaranteed interested or get solutions from us quickly when looking at our page every day? Blogging Tools give all this power to sites! It just takes some research before picking one out- now let me show you my favorite ones:

Best WordPress Blog Tools

Best WordPress Blog Tools - Monsterinsigts1.MonsterInsigts

Do you want to see how your website is doing with other people looking at it? MonsterInsights gives you the inside scoop. This Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress is updated daily so that no aspect of your content goes undiscovered, and it can be found right on your dashboard.

MonsterInsights is a powerful analytics plugin that helps bloggers quickly see how their content and traffic are performing. It’s even easy for complete beginners to use the reports it provides because they’re simple, straightforward, and informative. For example you can monitor where your visitors spend most of their time on your site or which posts receive the least amount of clicks from readers.

MonsterInsights also lets you customize what metrics that interest you – whether its seeing when users bounce off site after visiting only one page within two minutes or tracking affiliate link clicks, you’ll find it all here!

Optinmonster WordPress tool2.OptinMonster

Optinmonster is helping bloggers you connect with more potential customers and get them on the phone.

OptinMonster is a best-of-breed lead generation tool that helps bloggers reach out to new audiences, capture lead tracking service offers a powerful set of features for boosting your blog’s visibility and connecting with leads fast

This tool also helps you grow your email list, drive more traffic to your blog and boost page views. You can create high-converting opt in forms like exit intent popups, floating bars, sidebar forms or lightbox popups just by dragging them into place on the editor interface. Behavior detection rules automatically redirect site visitors to popular posts of yours while A/B testing lets you test different layouts with headlines that work best for engaging readership and increase user engagement rates!

OptinMonster is not only a toolkit for collecting subscriber’s emails but also offers conversion optimization tools plus behavior detection features which help bloggers optimize their content through split tests as well as direct site visitors who are about to leave its webpage back onto it where they

3.Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is a social media plugin for WordPress that gives bloggers an easy way to share content in their blog posts. It’s used by over 1 million people worldwide and it will make your blogging experience much easier!

1,600,000+ users have found Smash Balloon to be incredibly useful because of its simplicity. That means you can spend more time focusing on creating quality content rather than spending hours trying to figure out how the newest plugins work.

Smash Balloon automatically integrates social media feeds into your blog posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. It adopts the colors of your theme and matches fonts to make this process easy for beginners as well as experts alike!

The Smash Balloon plugin is perfect if you want to keep a cohesive look on all blogs by using different layouts that match branding. You don’t need any coding knowledge since it does most of the work for you- so get started today with SmashBalloon!


SeedProd is the best landing page builder for your WordPress website. You can use it to quickly and easily design an eye-catching, high converting webpage that will help you get more subscribers on your email list!

A SeedProd landing page can help you collect visitor information and make the most of it before your blog launches. It integrates with the most popular email marketing services including ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, AWeber – making integration quick and easy!

If you’re looking for free blogging tools, then this would be a great option. You can use Seedprod to create your landing page and blog content in WordPress with ease. It features elements that make it easy to design without coding knowledge or experience!


MemberPress helps you build a membership site for the exclusive and elite audience that registers. This creates an environment where members can view content, sign up for courses or subscribe to blogs without ever being faced with ads.

Memberpress is great because it allows users to experience your website in peace, free from ad clutter which often makes them leave before they desire (or find) what they are looking for.

This easy-to-use plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and manage subscription memberships. It’s great for monetizing your site with a small fee per month or one time payment depending on the type of membership plan, all while keeping control over what content each member sees. With powerful access rules, MemberPress lets you restrict blog posts from being accessed based on their individual categories so readers can subscribe just to specific topics they like without having full access to everything else!


Giveaways are a great way to offer your blog’s audience something valuable and incentivize them into signing up for more content. RafflePress is the best contest plugin that can help you host giveaways on WordPress easily with minimal effort required from you!

Drag-and-drop tools, premade templates, and one-click entry make creating giveaway campaigns simple. It also integrates seamlessly with 3rd party marketing tools such as Zapier or Mailchimp so you can easily get the word out about your contest without much effort!


We hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of the best blogging tools to use for your WordPress website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask!