Big Component of Small Business Marketing

Email Marketing

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Does Your Business

Need Email Marketing?

The answer is yes, every small business despite the size should be utilizing email marketing. When you use email marketing correctly, you will gain more sales, increase your leads and enjoy exponential growth to your overall business.

Increase Sales

Email marketing has proven to increase sales by 40% or more. We can help you build campaigns & automation to capture additional sales!

Leverage Automation

When you automate your email marketing campaigns, you build your tribe. We will help you nurture your leads and customers with targeted content and offers without lifting a finger.


Build Loyalty

Email marketing builds brand loyalty. Send your customers VIP offers and interesting and educational content and more with ease.

Email markting | AgassiGroup

We Build Beautiful Emails

That Drive Results

We build emails that convert. We use a simple but overlooked strategy utilizing triggers of events, personalized emails and more.


We make our emails that we send out more personal by pulling specific content like the senders name, interest or any other information that can be found by researching each individual recipient.


We make it extremely easy to manage your subscriber list & growth. You can even send us .csv files to target for cold email campaigns!


We make it easy to see whats working and whats not with your email campaign. We can track analytics like bounce rate, open rate, clicks on emails , hotspots and more. all the tools your need to run successful email marketing campaigns.

Big Companies use Email Marketing

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