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We help you get highly targeted website Visitors using googles ads pay per click services.

Get More Traffic From Keywords In Google Search

Bid On Highly converting keywords in googles search console.

Google ads ( pay – per – click) is a online advertising strategy in which you can bid on highly searched keywords that are related to your business and your audience is searching. Google Pay-Per-Click is a great service because.

  • Your Leads are not coming in from SEO
  • Your in a highly competitive niche or business
  • You want to build on multiple keywords and compete with other businesses.

By running PPC , you can get visitors to your website for a cost per click fee.

Make Your Business Thrive

How Google Ads Works For You

Say your a dentist in orlando and someone types in ” Braces in Orlando” into google.

With Google ads, your listing can apear at the top results and an “sponsored advertisement” and the user can click on your result.

Your business pays for the click and you now have a lead to convert into a paying customer.

Google ads PPC | Agassi Group
Get More Leads Working With Agassi Group

Get More Leads , More Calls , Our Promise

We can promise you more leads when you use our google ads, pay per click strategy. A Our Team of google certified experts will craft a a plan to get you top performing results you can count on.

Just 3 Steps to More Traffic & New Leads that are Potential Sales


Give us a little information about your business and schedule a quick call with us, dont worry we wont take up time out of you busy schedule.


After a quick consultation we will map out where you currently stand and develop an in-depth roadmap to reach your goals by using our modern internet marketing services. As a full service digital marketing agency & website design company, we are focused on creating results for our clients.


Once we have a plan in place, the Agassi Group team will implement the changes by creating and following a consistent scope of work to custom fit your business needs.

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