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Do you want a peace of mind in the way you manage your social media accounts? Are you stuck trying to expand and grow your social reach faster than you are already? Do you want more influencers to share and engage with your social media post and other content?

If you said yes to any of these questions then this is the article for you. Twitter, instagram, facebook are marvelous platforms on their own but it’s not easy to grow there for you need a strategy to get your message out.  

It takes more than publishing a few tweets and posts with appropriate hashtags or retweeting certain tweets in your niche to gain exposure on Twitter.

With social media automations tools you can take a heavy strain of managing multiple social media accounts 

Benefits of social media automation include: 

  • Save Loads Of Time – automating task such as posting, tweeting , scheduling postings.
  • Boost online presence – Never miss comments or mentions with a 360 view of all your accounts
  • Automate social media postings – Again save loads of time. 

So we’ve put together the best social media automation tools you can use to grow your audience faster with some social media automation examples.


5 Social Media Automation Tools To Manage Your Social Media In 2021.



Sendinble is the first one on the list, this platform allows you to manage multiple accounts from different social media platforms, including twitter. 

The platform itself is very easy to set up and integrate with twitter’s Api. Once set up you will have the ability to schedule tweets, keep track of your mentions and answer direct messages from the dashboard. 

The dashboard is very intrusive and data from every account that you connect to the software. You can even make a priority box for important tweets or direct messages. 

The biggest plus to this software is the ability to schedule social media posts before time across all platforms. This ability saves tons of time when you can publish one post across all channels while respecting the posting requirements for each platform.

Another cool feature is that you can keep a close eye on your brand status by integrating data and analytics for everything that is happening with your account. Also you are able to browse trending content in your niche which gives you the opportunity to find out what’s hot for content creativity.


Pricing: There is a 14 Day free trial. Plans start at $29/ Month or $288 annually.



Crowdfire | Social media Automation Tools



Next up we have crowdfire, a social media management tool that has a strong emphasis on scheduling content. With this software you can schedule your tweets at exact times as well as schedule your other social media post across multiple channels. 


One great strength of crowdfire is that it claims to have the ability to post across All social media channels including Tik tok, which is a hot social media platform to generate traffic for your business. 

This software is generally easy to get up and running. It is easy to understand using a clean interface. In seconds you can send a single post to all of your selected social networks or even customize a different message for each. 

There is a free version of crowdfire so you can test out the software to see if its suits your needs, although it doesn’t give you all of crowdfires core features. All of the plans are reasonably priced in comparison to their competition. 

Finally there is both an IOS and Android app available so you can use this platform to manage all of your social media accounts on the go. 


Pricing: Free trial , Plus $9.99/ month Premium $49/ month.




Socialbee is an all around account management and scheduling platform that aims to be an all in one suite for digital marketers and entrepreneurs. The cloud based software supports multiple platforms and a max of 5 social platforms for each project. 


The software has a powerful schedule overview section where end users can either create new content from scratch and then schedule directly in the application. The automation aspect allows you to set and forget your software so it can be posted for you creating peace of mind.


The SocialBee platform allows segmentation of each post so you can add posts to specific categories for your niche. You are also able to track short links on your post from URL shorteners. 


Pricing: $19/Month $39/Month $79/Month 14 day free trial.      




Another social media management tool that allows you to analyze and schedule your postings across multiple accounts. Socialpiolt has an easy to use interface which makes getting started a breeze.


Some cool features that socialpilot has to offer is that you can upload bulk posts and schedule over 100 posts at the same time taking a tremendous load out of your social media efforts. This includes twitter. You can also manage conversations right through their social inbox.


Another cool feature is that you can add team members to your dashboard to help you manage your social media accounts and channels.


Socialpilot is a great tool for agencies looking to jump into the social media management space for clients. The tool allows you to manage multiple client accounts as well as white label features such as reporting and analytics.


Pricing: $30 – $150/ Month




This tool was built with content marketers and creators in mind. Like the other softwares Storychief helps manage and distribute your content across multiple social media channels. This includes blogs ,social media channels, email etc.


This tool comes equipped with an SEO assistant for your social media content as well as a content calendar and multi channel publishing. In all, StoryChief is a powerful platform that seems to have all aspects of social media distribution covered.


Another cool feature that StoryChief provides is their approval flow and collaboration possibilities. Easily collaborate with other creators in your team all from within the software. 


Pricing: $120/month – $750 per month.



Social media automation is necessary in these days of business if you are going to maintain a balance of creation and distribution of your content.  Although these tools will make life easier, they are not set in forget, you still need a social media marketing strategy. 


Wrapping up, these tools will allow you to spend more time on other important aspects of your business. Not only will they help boost your social media but also aid in your social marketing automation.


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