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These days, creating digital content has turned into a profitable side hustle for many. There are numerous ways and platforms that the daily content creator can use to turn their side hustles into a full time job. 


The demand for online content influencers has grown tremendously. Since 2019 the number of Youtube channels has increased over 65%. According to the Youtube platform, over 1 billion hours of Youtube content is viewed every day.


That’s just video content on one platform. There are many other specialist content sites that are popular in different ways such as Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud. Whether you are a blogger , vlogger or instagram/ tik tok famous, in this article we will explore 8 ways you can make extra money. 


8 Ways for Content Creators to Make Extra Money in 2021


ways content creators can make extra money


What is a content creator?

Content creators are the modern day entertainers / educators that address challenges or needs of specific target audiences. There are many forms of content that can be created. From blogs to podcasts to videos there are also many opportunities to jump into this world with a specific niche. Furthermore there are also many different channels content creators can use to distribute and ultimately get more views to the content they create.




Certain types of content can be sold as subscriptions. For example if you are running a podcast, you can provide your listeners with an ad free user experience for a paid subscription to your channel. A huge benefit of this approach is that you can offer multiple tiers with your most expensive subscriptions that can access the premium content you produce. 


2.Selling Merchandise 


Once you’ve established a loyal following of fans, it would make sense to start selling merchandise. For instance you can sell T-shirts, bags, hoodies, totes and more all with your branding on it. All of these are popular types of merchandise you can directly sell on your own website.

To aid in your merch sales you can for example host giveaways in your videos or podcast. Or directly market them by wearing your branded T-shirt to create a buzz around your new merchandise 

If your biggest tribe of loyal followers is on instagram, you can use the instagram shopping feature to sell your merch directly from the platform. The cool thing about this feature is that the post looks exactly like your standard post but your followers can tap on the post to view the merch and the prices.

They can also tap through all the way to the product page where they can directly purchase or learn more about the specific item you are selling. 


3.Paid Branded Sponsorships for Content Creators.


A branded sponsorship is when a business reaches out to you and pays you a fixed fee in return for you to market their brand. This is a great way to not only score some free products but also make some extra income also.

Though for this method you will need a substantial active following for these brands to show interest in you. The only downfall is that there may be times where you will have to promote products that you do not typically like. 


4.Online Teaching


This is one great way to earn some decent income. If you have enough profound knowledge in your chosen niche, teaching your skills online can potentially earn a big sum of money. The highest paid teachers can generate over 100k annually according to skillshare.

Platforms such as udemy and teachable can help you sell your courses to your community with ease.

Also it is a great way to attract and attain more engaged followers and keeps a buzz around your brand. Its best to keep these online classes semi short and easy to follow.


5.Affiliate Marketing for Content Creators. 


If you are a content creator with a decent following on multiple social media platforms it is smart to take advantage of affiliate marketing. This method is a great way to start selling other people’s products for a commission per sale. 

Choosing this route to monetize you will first need to find products that are closely related to your niche. It would not make sense to promote weight loss products if you’re creating content all around home goods. 

Making sure the products that you choose are up to par is vital in your affiliate success. Yes the end goal is to make money, but you would not want to get caught promoting sub par products that can ultimately hurt your reputation as a content creator or influencer. 


6.Selling Custom Artwork


This is for the gifted creative artist. If this is you this is a great way to generate decent income as a content creator. By simply creating an online store, you give yourself and your followers to support your work and drive sales. Alternatively you can use websites such as Etsy to create a store with your artwork.

Once your store is up in running simply share and promote the link directing to your store across various social media accounts. 

7.Social Media Advertisements.


If you have the budget and an online store set up for your product or merchandise, using social media ads can generate great returns. This method is also useful to help attract people who are unfamiliar with what you do but may have the same interest. 


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8.Selling exclusive content.


If your loyal following really loves what you’re doing, selling exclusive content is a great marketing tactic to use. One way is to offer your followers a chance to sign up for a free month of exclusive content. This is the hook. If you continue to produce great content then your followers will stay for the long haul. You can offer anything from classes to bonus behind the scenes exclusive content. 

Platforms such as Pateron and fanclout allows you to offer exclusive subscriptions for a price you set. Although they do charge a service fee, this method can offer you much financial stability to help you grow your content creation career. 




While there are many ways for the modern day content creator to make money online, it will all be for nothing if you don’t produce top quality content. Each year millions of content creators join the race to produce and everyone knows quality is king. So if you stand a chance of making content creation a full time career, you’re going to have to spend time creating high quality unique content that stands out from the crowd.


Furthermore it is smart to utilize multiple platforms to distribute your content across. Building loyal followings on each platform will be fruitful for your content creation career. Doing this also brings more eyes to what you do and attracts new followings from all around. Finally the combination of creativity , utilizing multiple channels, and top quality content will push your online business further.