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In social media, it is all about getting shares. The more people that share your content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, the higher your social authority will be. But what if you are not seeing a lot of social shares? Does this mean you have no social authority?

Social shares that refer your website almost no traffic are still useful and well show you why.

Google will index your content faster

How do I get Google to index my content faster?

It’s a question that people ask me all the time after over 10 years of building and marketing websites. But there are no quick fixes! It doesn’t involve buying an “indexing service” from a shifty web host either.

The most common method is to submit your sitemap within Google Search Console, but we found out about one way you can make things happen even sooner: Tweets using popular hashtags will be indexed by twitter in addition to google – which means they’ll show up for certain search terms on both platforms at once!

One of the great things about Twitter is that it’s not like Facebook with walls around its garden preventing anyone else from getting in. Anyone can tweet – and so when they do, it’s indexed by Twitter too.

improve social shares

Improve your SEO with Social Shares

Social media is a powerful tool for SEO, but it’s difficult to pinpoint the specific impact that social shares have on search rankings. Some people say they’re helpful while others claim you can’t measure their effects at all; this may be because correlation doesn’t equal causation and any changes in ranking are often attributed exclusively to links or other forms of optimization like content marketing.

However, there’s plenty of evidence suggesting why your efforts should include strong engagement with influential audiences via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., so I recommend making an effort when using these tools if you want to rank higher than before!

There’s lots going around about how important social sharing has been for business growth over the years – some even claiming that an increase in sales revenue.


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A single click can boost your sales

Is a single click all it takes to drive significant revenue? Like any other marketing strategy, this depends on the kind of business you have. If your company relies heavily on advertising for income or affiliate sales – then no, maybe not so much. But if running an online service is more what you do and less how you make money- well now we’re talking!

It doesn’t matter whether that “click” comes from social shares like Facebook likes or guest posts – because just one can bring in some serious cash with enough repetition over time. And I don’t know about y’all…but there isn’t anything wrong with making bank off something as easy as clicking a mouse button after all these years.

How to get more Social shares?

Regularly sharing your blog post on social media platforms is a good start to get more social shares. This is where Social media scheduling software comes into play. It’s a huge time saver.

Its difficult to increase your social shares if your blog isn’t currently generating traffic.

If that is what you dealing with then don’t worry. A faster approach is to use a content promotion platform. We recommend three in particular that will help you get more shares.

Triberr is a social media platform that takes the idea of reciprocity to heart. Users are encouraged to share others’ content and, in turn, receive shared content from other Triberrs as well. The result: an interconnected network where quality relevant information flows freely and you can keep pace with everything going on online!

Triberr helps promote reciprocal sharing amongst users by encouraging members of your own group (called “tribes”) who may only have 10 or so followers each then post their good stuff for everyone else’s benefit while also checking out what other people from outside tribes post too – all because they would like some more exposure themselves! This creates this great dynamic between groups which makes it hard not to see something new every day when when checking your tribe.

Quu Promote | Social media shares

Quu Promote When I need to get my content up and out there, (Quu Promote) is the platform that has given me the best results. There is a slightly higher cost than other platforms, but since the platform has such a large user base, your content will be shared across multiple networks, with many different kinds of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Quuu is a social media management service that takes care of your marketing work for you. Quuu sends users hand-curated content from their niche, which they can easily schedule using any popular scheduling tool like Buffer or HubSpot.

There is a link to the content (article, blog post, podcast episode) in addition to tags and hashtags making it easier to add the author’s handle or hashtag.

Quuu’s primary goal is not just growing your following but also engaging with potential followers by providing quality posts in their preferred niches each day via email subscriptions as well as through customizable channels on Facebook Messenger chatbots

Now Its You’re Turn

Getting quality social shares can be difficult but with the right softwares, they can save you loads of time. Experimentation is key when it comes to these types of tools.

If you want any tool (or even small action) work for your business goals, first look at the variables that can impact your results and then make an informed decision on which one seems best suited for what you hope to achieve.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become a major part of many people’s lives. Once you establish yourself on these sites, it is important to maintain your social authority by getting more shares for the content you post.

If you are struggling to get more likes or retweets, here are some tips that should help increase your engagement rate with potential customers online.

First, make sure you give everyone something they want in every single piece of content you create- whether this be informative articles about topics related to customer pain points or industry news from publishers who rank high on Google News search results pages.

In addition, don’t forget about effective hashtags – one way marketers can promote their product without having any followers!